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· Volume II Issue IV

The challenge brought by pandemic affecting not only establishment, organizations, and institutions but also the individual including the school-age children. The most exciting moments for the learners during March were turned into the most challenging moments when the department declares the closure of classes last March 16, 2019. Following the health protocols, children under eighteen years old should stay at home.

The activity in summer, the reading camp was put into challenged and even the opening of classes. Learners should stay at home and will continue their study through modular instructions as the majority of schools were implemented. The innovation on how these classes being implemented was in the hands of the parents as the para teacher, a facilitator of their own children's education. The paradigm of learning has been changed, from school to home, from license teacher to para teacher, and from face-to-face to modular learning. However, challenges in learning never changed, yet it adds to a more complicated situation.

The majority of learners' concern was on the modular instructions. Unanimously, learners' remark was so difficult to understand and so with answering it. The numerous pages added to the stress of both parents and learners which leads to the different reactions. Some learners had the Modular Syndrome-crying moments when given modules. Thus, the desire to be back in school is their shout.

Reasons may build in learner's minds as they have the back-to-school shout-out. They wanted to experience the freedom which they could only be experienced in school. Learners' desire will be free from stressful moments with the para teacher who could never control their anger when they ask for assistance. Another would be, they can receive an exact explanation from their teacher when learning problems occur along the way. Lastly, they will be with their best friends and classmates, where they could share their thoughts, happiness, and worries.

For some, regardless of any reason, they are still thankful that even in this pandemic, they can still enjoy moments with their families and siblings. Regardless of difficulties encounter in answering modules, they are still glad because they have a life to enjoy still attain the basic education. 

Looking into the whole thing, all of us need to be thankful that we have life to enjoy even in this difficult situation. We always find the reason to live, enjoy and learn.