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Ursua, Esther D., Atatado, Marvin Jay Z., Cabarubia, Aeron

Catapang, Cristine Joy M., Marquez, Kimberly O.,

Pedraza, Cristel Anne A.

Bachelor of Sciencein Business Administration

Major in Operations Management

· Volume V Issue III


Krusty Rice is a delicious and wholesome snack that brings traditional Filipino cuisine flavors in a crispy chip form. It is an innovative product that is one hundred percent made from natural brown rice, baked instead of fried and cooked brown rice to retain the natural nutrients and fiber of brown rice. The target market of the business is the residents of the Municipality of Balayan. Using the quantitative method of research through an online survey, the proponents employ descriptive status under research design, which conducted surveys and questionnaires to the respondents that will serve as the platform for data collection. Based on the population of Balayan, proponents came up with 40 respondents using the Stratified sampling method to determine the product's marketability. The proponent provided a clear understanding of the feasibility and viability of the business on numerical data and came up with the idea of Filipino-styled flavor to grasp the concept of “Kanin and Ulam in a Chip." Based on the survey 100 percent of the respondents answered “Yes”. Therefore, all the participants want to try Filipino-flavored snacks. The proponents introduce Filipino culture by seasonings with various Filipino-styled flavors, such as Adobo, Caldereta, Menudo, and Kare-Kare. The proponents also make Nachos n’ dip using the plain version of chips to enhance their taste and satisfying crunch, perfect for any snacking occasion. This product is paired with dips and satisfies cravings to blend perfectly with its taste and make it extraordinary. Along with using cost-based pricing and integrated mark-up pricing methods, the proponents applied competitive and affordable pricing in which proponents calculate that 40 grams of Krusty rice are worth 60 pesos while 75 pesos for Nachos n’ dip. Moreover, the proponents utilize a pricing adjustment strategy to attract customers and increase sales. This will be the Discount and Promo (Mystery Coupon) and promotional strategy (Be A Best Friend) which will offer special pricing on the products for a limited time or under specific conditions. The analysis of nutritional content, health benefits, and consumer preferences highlights the potential of Kursty rice brown rice chips as a viable alternative to traditional snacks and contributes to their positive impact on health and wellness. Considering all the aspects that the proponents gathered from the business and all the information the advocates collected from the business sector in their expectations, this study broadens perspectives and identifies significant subjects for researchers in the future. The business recommends expanding the distribution of the product, having a reseller in the market, opening franchising offers, and applying for FDA approval to ensure the safety, efficacy, quality, and purity of foods. Therefore, the proponents provided different projected financial reports to forecast the profitability of the business. The proponents found that “Krusty Rice” is feasible as the different aspects of the study show positive outcomes, especially the financial aspect.