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Nurhida A. Julbasari

· Volume I Issue III

Senior high school refers to grades 11 and 12, the last two years of the k-12 program that DEPED has been implementing since 2012.Along this line, this study was guided by three objectives: a) To determine the level of preparation of the MSU-SULU administration in the implementation of SHS; b) To identify the challenges encountered by students, parents, teachers and administrations in the implementation; and c) to determine the budget allocation of the SHS program to financially sustain its operation. This study used descriptive method. Focus Group Discussion was conducted with Seven Faculty members including the researcher at Mindanao State University-SULU campus.

The findings of this research are as follows: As responds to the level of preparation of the MSU-SULU administration in the implementation of SHS; 1) In terms of building, there is no yet building intended for senior high school 2) Library, senior high is sharing with the college department 3) Laboratory apparatuses were borrowed from department of biology and there is no laboratory room 4) Man power of senior high is good 5) Leadership is very committed, supportive, advisory, fair and concern to everybody.

The identified challenges encountered by students are as follows: 1) In learning resources, challenge is on the payment of the production of the handouts from the textbook 2) In teachers, the lack of strategy of teachers in disciplining the students 3) In school administration, the administrator is fatherly or brotherly to them.

Challenges encountered by parents 1) In tuition fee, there are parents complaining, but the administrator is giving them a convincing explanation and a word of advice 2) In uniform, payment of uniform is not much considered as challenge 3) Adviser, there are parents who are coming to school inquiring about the where about of their sons and daughters 4) Allowances, Some students cannot pay the required payment in handouts and some students come late due to lack of allowance.

Challenges encountered by teachers; 1) Delayed salary of teachers; 2) Students performance- Some students are poor in reading comprehension 3) Student attendance, there are only selected few who have problem on attendance. 4) Discipline - there is written policy for student discipline, the students are aware of the punishment in every action they have taken.

Challenges encountered by school administrator; 1) Supervision- There are time, the school administrators are roaming around to see some teachers, but the supervision is very informal 2) Finance- challenge is on the salary 3) administration- planning includes the construction of school building. In supervision, the teachers are smoothly supervised.

Lastly, the statement regarding the budget allocation of the SHS program to financially sustain its operation are the following; 1) There is a budget coming directly from the DepEd. As prescribed in DEPED order No. 13, s. 2016, the DepEd has allocated operating budgets for schools offering the senior high School program with the opening of Grade 11 classes starting june 2016. 2) The collection 1,380 pesos per student. The payments are collected and properly receipted by the cashier’s office.