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(Hold On, Pandemic End) 


· Volume IV Issue I

Pandemic rapidly engulfed the world,

but Filipinos are built differently.

Filipinos are strong like the trees during

the storm, it will all be standing tall.


Challenges already started before,

shaped by time,

fall for many times,

but still standing.


We are like animals in a zoo,

put behind bars in our own houses,

stray animals like the homeless people,

but we can also be free just like the wildlife.


Typhoon became stronger,

swim a little faster,

slowly lift our face,

then stand up bolder.


It’s like the Philippines is the base,

Filipinos are the fighters,

unity is the armor, pandemic

and calamities are the attackers.


We can conquer it,

flood with hope,

contagious faith,

despite the crisis, plant prospects!


A thing we can do is to HOPE —

Hold On, Pandemic Ends.

This shows that we are strong

and Filipinos are indeed fighters.