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· Volume III Issue I


The main objective of the study was to determine the English teachers’ classroom practices and its relationship to the grade 3 learners’ reading motivation in the elementary schools in Calamba City during the school year 2020-2021. The respondents of the study were grade 3 English teachers from the twelve public elementary schools in Calamba City.

This study utilized the descriptive correlation method of research in order to describe the level of grade 3 English teacher’s classroom practices and their learners’ reading motivation. A validated survey questionnaire was used as the main data gathering instrument performance.  The data gathered were treated using Person Goodman and Kruskal’s Gamma Correlation, percentage, and weighted mean. In addition, Pearson r Correlation was used to find out if there was a significant relationship between the reading performance in PHIL-IRI and reading motivation.

The assessment made by the teacher respondents on the level of manifestation of classroom practices among English teachers’ in terms of relevance, choice, success, collaboration and thematic units were interpreted as “Highly Manifested” (HM). Similarly, the result on the level of reading motivation among Grade 3 learners in terms of interest/interview motivation, ownership, self-efficacy, social interaction with peers and mastery were all interpreted as “Highly Manifested” (HM).

On the result of the test of significant relationship of the assessments the respondents on the level of manifestation of classroom practices among English teachers a significant relationship was found, which implies that the English teachers and the pupils will be successful in school year 2021-2022. In terms of relevance, choice success, collaboration and thematic units, a significant relationship was found; thus the hypothesis was rejected. But in terms of interest/interview motivation, ownership, self-efficacy, social interaction with peers and mastery, no significant relationship was found; thus the hypothesis was rejected. An enhancement reading program was proposed by the researcher to be considered for implementation in the elementary school of Calamba City.


Good teaching practice is a key influence on learner learning a desired outcome and primary goal of higher educational institutions. Teachers strive to meet the principles of good practice in an effort to provide the best learning experience for their learners. The researcher use the Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) or practices (McRae and Guthrei 2009) to encourage engagement, educators can advance the breadth and depth of pupils' reading by explicitly and systematically nourishing pupils' motivations as readers.

Kishner and Neelen (2018) emphasized that “learner’s learning progress is what drives teachers to be good if not the best in teaching.” This is why teachers apply the best classroom practices. This is why they keep on thinking of the best teaching strategies and assessment tools. This is the end goal of all teachers. This is why teachers keep on thinking of the lessons they have to teach every day. 

As it is, education will not be delivered successfully in schools without teachers. They are the front liner of schools and are the ones directly providing instruction to the learners through different classroom practices. This is true in all subjects taught especially in the elementary level. This is when teachers make use of different strategies, approaches, techniques, and pedagogies so as to develop all the essentials, competencies, and skills among learners in the foundation years.  

For (2018), the classroom is a dynamic environment, bringing together learners from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities. Being an effective teacher therefore requires the implementation of creative and innovative teaching strategies in order to meet learners’ individual needs.

Additionally, Hussung (2016) stated that a teacher managing their classrooms is an important part of achieving an effective learning environment. Many educators know that all learners learn individually, and having good material can lighten the behavioral issues of the learners and make good instruction possible. 

Likewise, according to the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality, research also shows that an organization and the ability to be successful pupils behavior and having a determination in teaching different and new careers. The combination of instructional theory and classroom management is among the essential teaching strategies and aspects of many teachers in education.

Since teachers manage classrooms and implement varied classroom practices, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently tested 79 countries with 600,000 students through the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). In the same test, the Philippines ranked the lowest in reading comprehension among 79 countries in the recent global survey. This result means that reading proficiency is very important for a large variety of pupil activities from the instructions in a manual; to finding out who, what, when, where and why of an event; to communicating with others for a specific purpose of transaction. PISA acknowledge that evolving technologies have changed the ways people read and exchange information, whether at home, at the workplace or in the classroom. Again, reading proved to be a challenge still to learners and teachers as well. Reading and reading motivation are issues still confronting the English teacher up till now. Meanwhile, reading motivation is one’s own purpose, idea, and interest related to the title, action, and the consequences of the reading. It is necessary to motivate pupils to read and study by giving them a chance to choose their interesting materials in the reading. Readers want to read more when they are authorized to select their reading materials because they must discover that reading is a pleasurable activity.  Reading motivation is the large amount of motivation that learners have to concentrate their positive or negative opinions about reading. For instance, learners who read for pleasure and employ approaches to help their comprehension are extremely motivated readers. The learners typically consider reading as one of the most important factors in their daily lives. They accept challenges in the reading process and are likely to be successful readers.

As it is, reading experience becomes meaningful and best stimulated when learners comprehend what they read. Motivation is a very essential factor to encourage learners to enjoy reading. All learners have different interests and activities that determine what they attend to learn. But what they learn also depends on the ability of teachers to capture their attention and sparks their interest in reading. As Patall (2015) stated, teachers can construct reading motivation through choice, interest, and interestingness. There is a need to find ways to get children excited and interested in reading, and only teachers can do this inside the classroom.

The researcher, being an elementary public school teacher for a year, has observed that most of the learners have trouble in understanding what they read. Learners cannot understand a simple story they read. Even making a simple sentence on their own is very hard for them. Speaking using the English language is also hard for learners. Learners have become more reluctant to read. They will not move forward in their reading abilities and continue to or start to read below grade level. It has become evident that children are not reading meaningful books. This is truly a big problem for every English teacher as of today.  

By doing this research, the researcher was able to determine ways in which she and others can help motivate children to read. She wanted to learn the positive ways of motivating children. She believed that many teachers still did not know how to help increase reading motivation among her pupils and by doing this research she will find new ways that encourage reading. This study increased her personal understanding of reading motivation and what actually motivated children. Her ultimate goal was to help pupils be successful in reading through this study. 

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