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· Volume II Issue IV

Heroes save men from different evil doings or disasters like those found in the kids’ favorite fantasy stories such as Darna, Captain Barbel, Super Inggo, and many others with foreign contexts. They are awesome in their own different ways. We also have true heroes like our national heroes who spent losing their lives for our country, and the OFWs, who help our nation by earning dollars that contribute a lot to our economic growth. 

Heroes are not the only ones you can see on television or movie screen, our parents and teachers are called the unsung heroes of our lives because of doing everything for our future, raising us to become wonderful children and responsible people, and many others who brought honors to our country like winners in the different World Competition, they are also considered as our heroes. 

During the pandemic caused by COVID19 specifically, there are what we call "frontliners" such as medical experts, doctors, nurses, Medical Technologist, and other hospital workers. In the community we have also the frontliners such as our government leaders, policemen, soldiers, drivers, security guards, salesmen in the groceries and marketplace, and even our garbage collectors. They are fighting the virus while we are staying in our home in order not to cause further contagion and casualties. 

Frontliners fight the virus considering their lives are at stake, they're doing their best to make everyone alive. They are ready even though the tasks might prevent them from having quality time with their families. There is always uncertainty of returning homes because they might die too if they got the virus. 

They may not wear capes but they are the true heroes amidst the pandemic in this modern world. It’s nice to give them thanks and praises for sacrificing their lives. Many people help them by providing prayers, food, shelter, and protective equipment. Truly we must be grateful to our frontliners, the true heroes of our lives today for without them the world would be in chaos.