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· Volume IV Issue I

Having controlled by different races, the modern Filipinos are undoubtedly a blend of diverse cultures. Being under the power and influence of different foreign invaders, Filipinos came out with varied set of values in the modern world.

Today, Filipinos are determined different races and cultures. Even without the presence of colonization and invasion, Filipino’s lifestyles are liberating. This has been apparent because of today’s modern living. Because of the profound impact within the realm of modern technology, people around the world are still in communication using different platforms and mass media. With just a click on television, a browse on books and magazines, a click on the internet- Filipino manners are at risk of changing.

A good example is of the effects of modernization to Filipino manners is the attitude of liberating. In the past, if people hold each hand, they should get married but as of today, a man and a woman can display their affections in streets without the need for marriage. In the past, a woman should not let others see her body but now, even young girls do the opposite and are sometimes involved in disgracing pictures and videos. In the past, being an unmarried pregnant woman is a huge humiliation on her family and relatives; but now, it is just an ordinary scenario.

Another distinction is Filipinos’ social life. At present time, Filipinos are likely to be more predisposed to modern technology unlike before that they just spend time together; mingling is one form of their leisure.

Violence and disrespect were remarked in the past but not like now that even minors are engaging in immoral affairs and do cyber bullying. In the past, children religiously obey their parents; people obey the laws but today children became rebellious and became juvenile delinquents.

Despite of these changes, values still practice today. Remember when Filipinos were stopped to have freedom under the authority of colonizers? That was a thing to prove that Filipinos were not able to do what they want; their rights were insignificant. But nowadays, all Filipinos are truly fortunate to experience liberty.

A critical issue related to this is gender equality. Dating back from the past, men take superiority while women live in mediocrity. Men mostly enjoy all rights and privileges. Even a high- class women were not allowed to full advantage when it comes to living. But today’s time, men and women share equal rights and privileges.

These changes in Filipino traits are not considered as over-generalization. It does not necessarily mean that all Filipinos do the same negative actions. These are mere observation on the differences and transformation that happened over the years.

Filipinos will always be known for warm hospitality, close family ties, love for freedom, bravery, integrity, humility, and challenging work.

In these days where modernization claims superiority over traditional ways, one can surely differentiate a Filipino from the past and a Filipino in the present time. Despite the changes in attitudes, characteristics, and traits, still exists in the heart of every Filipino the true values of a Filipino.