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The study initiated an evaluation of fish as main ingredient in ice cream making. Specifically, it tried to identify the microbial load content of fish flavored ice cream; to determine the sensory characteristics of fish flavored ice cream enhanced with milkfish and pangasius in terms of appearance/color, aroma, texture, taste, and melting quality. It also determine the sensory characteristics between milkfish and pangasius along appearance/color, aroma, texture, taste and melting quality of fish flavored ice cream, determine the proximate/nutrient content of the best formulation of fish flavored ice cream, the shelf life of fish flavored ice cream and to calculate the Return of Investment (ROI) of the fish flavored ice cream.

The true experimental research design utilizing two group design arranged in Completely Randomized Design was used in this study. Purposive sampling was employed in the selection of the respondents of this study. The research was conducted in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. The study involved TLE teachers and HM Instructors, ice cream makers, ice cream vendors and Hospitality Management students.

Data gathered were statistically analyzed using weighted mean, One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).

The findings revealed that the evaluators preferred fish flavored ice cream that is appealing in color/appearance, good in texture and delicate in aroma. The fish flavored ice cream is safe for human consumption. Also, fish flavored ice cream is rich in nutrients needed by the body. Furthermore, the shelf life of fish flavored ice cream last for three weeks and three days. For income generating purposes, fish flavored ice cream is also good as a source of income.

Keywords: Fish, Flavored Ice Cream, Milkfish, Pangasius