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Silvosa, Ivan Luis G.

Bueno, Alliyah Shaine A.

Villalobos Alyssa, Jean F.

Javier, Jasmine Faye D.

Dela Cuesta, Glydel Ann D.

Pujante, Bea Lynette B.

Balayan Senior High School

· Volume V Issue IV


Eleusine Indica (Paragis) is a type of medicinal plant that helps to cure different kinds of diseases such as infections due to its diuretic property. In the Philippines it is commonly used as herbal medicine to treat blood coughing, arthritis, and kidney issues, with the leaves being boiled to make a decoction health problem, and leaves exact as a diuretic. Additionally, there is existing data stated that Paragis root contains phytochemical composition. With the presence of Alkaloids, terpenes, flavonoids, tannins, anthraquinones, saponins, and cardiac glycosides the root is effective in making diuretic capsules. The researchers chose Paragis due to its abundance in the country, as it contains diuretic properties that could increase the urine production to cleanse the body. This experimental study focuses on the Eleusine Indica (Paragis) as a treatment for diuretics followed by a set of experiments and tests to observe its effectiveness. Moreover, the production powdered Eleusine Indica root capsule involves gathering and preparing the materials, including rinsing the root three times to remove impurities, boiling for 30 minutes, sun-drying for one hour then grinding using mortar. After that, solvents such as ethanol and water were added and sealed for a day. Then, it was filtered, dried and encapsulated. Data obtained from the experiment was analyzed using one-way ANOVA in which it shows that there is no significant difference in experimental and controlled set-up. However, results revealed that capsules with ethanolic extract demonstrate significant effectiveness due to the average urination frequency which is four and considered as the highest from the results compared to other set ups. This also showed a comparison to other substances such as water and controlled set up. Thus, recommending that Paragis capsule with ethanolic extract is the most effective in terms of increasing the urine production.