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· Volume III Issue I


This study was conducted to find out the effect of Project PRESS in enhancing the journalistic skills of select Grade IV-VI pupils in Calaca Central School.

Specifically, the researcher sought to discover the level of journalistic skills of Grade IV-VI pupils in terms of: writing composition, habit of reading and diligence in accomplishing the task, the importance of Project PRESS in enhancing the journalistic skills of learners and the plan of action to be employed for the improvement of the project.

To attain the objective, the researcher employed the descriptive method of research using questionnaires as the primary data gathering instrument supplemented by informal interview to determine the effects of the project PRESS. The data and information were gathered to 35 pupil-respondents, from select Grade IV-VI pupils. Their responses were tallied, organized, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted through the use of percentage and weighted mean methods.

This action research generated the following finding and conclusions: The select Grade IV-VI pupils had moderately evident journalistic skills in terms of writing composition and habit of reading. On the other hand, it was highly evident that the respondents are very diligent in accomplishing the task. Project PRESS training-workshop was essentials to pupils as it boosts their confidence in writing articles, communication skills and increases their performance. An action plan with different strategies such as providing fact sheets and videos, inviting resource speakers, engaging journalistic skills in classroom/school activities, subscribing reading materials and school free meal during competition was proposed to further improve the project. 

The researcher recommends to implement the proposed action plan to further enhance the journalistic skills of the intermediate pupils, the join forces of pupils and school paper advisers in implementing the plan/strategies for the success of the project and the continuous support of teachers, parents and school head which play an important role in enhancing the journalistic skills of the pupils and uplifting the quality of the school paper organization in Calaca Central School.

Keywords: enhancing, journalistic skills, improvement, employed, strategies


Campus journalism is among the most exciting extra-curricular activities that a pupil may engage in.  A campus journalist is always “where the action is” as he or she covers significant school or community events. According to Magsino, (2007) the birth of campus journalism in the Philippines happened in year 1912 with the release of “The Coconut”, a mimeographed newsletter of what is now Araullo High School, wherein the eminent Carlos P. Romulo was its editor-in-Chief. Eleven years later, it was followed by “the La Union Tab” which became the first campus newspaper ever printed in a printing press. Thereafter, several campus newspapers came out.

Campus Journalism Act of 1991 Sec. 2 declared the policy to uphold and protect the freedom of the press even at the campus level and promote the development and growth of campus journalism as a means of strengthening ethical values, encouraging critical and creative thinking, and developing moral character and personal discipline of the Filipino Youth.(2007) 

Pursuant to R.A. 7079, AN ACT PROVIDING FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND PROMOTION OF CAMPUS JOURNALISM AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES, Calaca Central school paper advisers implemented Project JEF (Journalism Every Friday) in year 2010 to raise awareness of pupils in journalistic skills. Thus, it was observed nowadays, that number of pupils who have interest and genuine love for writing decline. Most of the pupils’ interest, focus on playing their gadgets instead of reading books, magazines, and composing articles. In this project the school paper advisers give extra time to conduct training every Friday. As a result, CCS Young journalists competed in the District, Division Level but only one journalist participated in the Regional Level. 

This challenge prompted the researcher to make innovations on the said project. It was school year 2018 when the school paper advisers agreed to change the project title into Project PRESS (Provides Reliable News and Expressions for Students and Society), which make student-writers participate vigorously in training activities and boost themselves to compete in the higher level. The PRESS not only focus on individual writing but also in radio broadcasting and lay-outing as well, conducts training-workshop every summer specifically second week of May. Inviting Resource Speakers, video and power point presentations and making outputs are the different strategies employed in the said program, aside from the continuous training of advisers in June up to the date of the competition.  

With these foregoing concepts, the researcher is bound to find the effects of Project PRESS to the journalistic skills of select Grade IV-VI pupils in Calaca Central School. The researcher, who is a Journalism Coordinator is determined to do her best to uplift the quality of school paper organization in Calaca Central School. She believes that with the innovations of the project and with the support of the co-advisers and administration, Calaca Central School Paper Organization will continue bag awards from the higher level of competitions.

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