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· Volume II Issue IV

TLE is a subject that we are both familiar with and enjoy. All of the information about cooking, agriculture, computers, and other topics is useful information that we can and can use in our everyday lives. However, how can we offer this information to learners and students alike in the midst of this pandemic? This is where Distance Learning comes into play. Due to the pandemic, a new learning modality called distance learning has been introduced. Distance learning encompasses alternative learning modalities such as online courses and modular learning.

The discipline needed to make the most of the lessons, on the other hand, is the flip side of freedom. Students must be self-motivated in order to complete assignments, especially in systems that do not require them to be present at a certain time or location. Teachers must also be more prepared with contingencies in case their students need additional clarification, particularly if they are not teaching in person and are unable to “read the room.”

However, in some situations, distance learning is not only necessary, but also the best choice. There are moments when the benefits of distance education will really shine. It is the most reliable and fastest way to provide education and educate students during the Covid situation, but it is not as successful as face-to-face classes.

Whether it's an online, modular, or some other form of distance learning, it's not a barrier for teachers to better teach and learners to learn. TLE teachers will be able to continue their practicums with students, who will simply record them on video and send or upload it to the teachers via the internet. Though TLE is not a big topic, it is intertwined with everything you do and how you behave.

The best thing to do right now is to work together, students and teachers, so that they can easily adapt to the new learning environment and continue to research long after the pandemic has passed.

As we go about our everyday lives in the aftermath of the pandemic, we continue to adjust to the "new" standard, and education as a whole does as well. Students, for example, must adjust to these changes, which, although initially difficult, will become simpler as time goes by.