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Balayan East Central School


Pursuant DepEd Order no. 12, s.2020 titled of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) for School Year 2020-2021 in light of the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency, the school is tasked to include all the possible interventions to continuously provide quality education among learners with proper observance to health protocols. One of the focused matters is how the modules are to be distributed and retrieved. This has become a challenge to all school administrators and teachers. Different plans are prepared and laid down so that options are available if one will not work. In connection to this, teachers find problems on the best possible way to check and monitor the attendance of the parents during the distribution and retrieval schedule.

In every school program, project, and activity, attendance plays a significant role. It is one of the Means of Verification (MOV’s) presented to justify that a certain event happens in the school. In the conduct of Modular Distance Learning (MDL), parents are instructed to get and return the modules of their children. And their attendance is monitored and checked by the teacher. However, printed attendance sheet where all parents write their names and signature is not that safe because it can cause virus transmission from one person to another. Also, this task lengthens the stay of parents in the classroom specially they need to ask teacher’s guidance in writing the data needed.

Because of the researcher’s concern, she formulated an intervention strategy that is safer, faster and easier to use in monitoring the attendance of the parents during the distribution and retrieval of the modules. This would be of great help not only to Grade 6 Newton parents but also to the entire Balayan East District.



1. What are the common practice of teachers in monitoring the attendance during the distribution and retrieval of learning materials among grade V1- Newton learners?

2. What are the problems encountered by the teachers in the monitoring of the attendance during the distribution and retrieval of the learning materials?

3. What innovation can be applied to address the problems in the monitoring of the attendance?

4. To what extent does QR Code Development help in the checking and monitoring of the attendance?


Innovation, Intervention, and Strategy

Technology created huge impact in human lives. It has been more tested during the strike of Covid-19. Lot of digital software and applications appeared. Even the way of teaching is invaded by the unique features and presentation of online platforms.

During the distribution and retrieval of modules under Modular Distance Learning, writing on the attendance sheet and manual counting of signatures of attendees makes the procedure longer which is risky since they are to be exposed in others. Thus to make attendance checking and monitoring easier and faster, the intervention, Development of QR code in attendance monitoring on the distribution and retrieval of learning material, is conceptualized. It aims to help teachers to lessen their time talking and instructing parents on what to write in the attendance sheet. In QR code scheme, parents will just scan the code and in a second the data about parent and their appearance for the day is already available and recorded. Internet connection is not a problem since the school offers free connection during the scanning.



Participants and/or other source of data information

The study aimed to introduce the effect of the development of QR code as attendance checking during distribution and retrieval of modules. The participants of the study were the 30 parents of Grade 6 Newton. Since the researcher is the Grade 6 adviser, she opted to conduct the research in the said class and to be shared to other sections and grade levels once effective.

Data Gathering Method

Casual interview was conducted to hear the voice of the parents of Grade 6 Newton when it comes to attendance checking and monitoring. Also, a self-made questionnaire written both in English and Filipino was provided to them. To ensure that they read and analyzed the statements in the questionnaire, they were given 1 week to accomplish it and be submitted on the next distribution and retrieval day.

Before the survey conducted, permission from the principal was asked through a request letter. Once approved, the researcher sent a letter to parents informing them about the study she was about to conduct. Questionnaire was checked, validated and approved by the experts like principal, guidance teacher and master teacher. Corrections and suggestions given by the checkers must be applied.

see PDF attachment for more information