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· Volume II Issue IV


Rationale of the Study

The focus of this study was to conduct an assessment on the extent of implementation of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) towards the development of Action Plan in the Division of Laguna for School Year 2018-2019.

Keywords: ALS, access, adults, objectives, intervention plan

Statement of the Problem

This study is focused to determine and assess the implementation of the Alternative Learning Program towards a proposed action plan in the Division of Laguna’s specifically, is sought to answer to the following sub problems. 

1. What is the status and the extent of implementation of the Alternative Learning Program as assess by the by the school heads and teachers in terms of:

1.1 Objectives

1.2 Faculty Qualification

1.3 Physical Facilities

1.4 Learning Resources

1.5 Curriculum and Instruction

1.6 Monitoring and Evaluation 

1.7 Leadership and Governance 

2. Is there a significant difference on the assessment of the respondents of the above mentioned variables under study?

3. What are the problems and constraints encountered by the respondents in the implementations of the Open High School Program in the Division of Laguna?

4. Based on the finding, what course of actions may be proposed?

5. How acceptable is the developed action plan?

Research Method

The study used the description method of research which is deemed appropriate to this type of study to describe and interpret what it is?

This method is very useful in providing the value of fact which focus on the significant and appropriate data for treatment of two or more group of subject, recording of results, analysis and interpretation of data.

Research Locale

This was conducted in the Division of Laguna for the School Year 2018-2019.

Respondents of the Study

The respondents were composed of 7 school heads, 65 teachers teaching in selected public high school in the Division of Laguna.


Survey questionnaire. A researcher made questionnaire is used in gathering of data. It was drawn from various related studies and literature as reference for the development of the research instrument.

The questionnaires was divided into three parts.

Part I dealt with the demographic profile of the respondents as to gender, civil status, educational attainment, and Year of Service.

Part II dealt with the assessment on the implementation of the alternative learning system program with an objective, faculty qualification, physical facilities, laboratory, facilities, curriculum and instruction, numbering and evaluation and leadership and governance.

see PDF attachment for more information