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Bacan Elementary School


The descriptive-qualitative study aimed to determine the different contextualized remedial programs in Mathematics, their implementation, and challenges as bases for enhancement recommendation. It was found out that the different contextualized remedial programs in Mathematics included: To Upgrade Performance of Learners (TUPOL), MATHsaya, Build-up the Students Learning Losses in Mathematics (BTS-2L in Math), Bulig Isip para sa mga Bata, and Project Frequent Individualized Remediation for Excellence (FIRE). It was also found out that those were implemented using indigenous materials, multi-media, practices, and provision of prizes, and through readiness of teachers and involvement of stakeholders. Challenges encountered were lack of time, lack of resources, learners’ undesirable behavior and absenteeism, and insufficient learning materials. Teachers’ ways of managing the challenges were proper management of time, provision of stakeholders’ support, patience and provision of awards and recognition, and production of learning materials.

Keywords: Contextualized Mathematics Remedial Programs, Implementation, Challenges, Enhancement Recommendation



Mathematics is an important component of the school curriculum. Daily routines at home, in school, or in the community such as measuring, telling time, and counting money are all based on Mathematics. Indeed, people cannot detach Mathematics in their daily living.

On the other hand, Mathematics has become a big concern of our country and educators. Many learners find it difficult and they consider it as a very challenging subject. It has also bothered people badly because of the low understanding level accompanied by discouraging achievements of the pupils who are taking Mathematics subject. It cannot be denied that most prospective college learners are unprepared for higher Mathematics.

Once a child begins to feel lost in Math, it can be hard to catch up without intervention. They are more likely to start tuning out during Math class or internalize the idea that they’re just bad at Math, making it even harder to keep up.

Indeed, Math skills are necessary in everyday life. Inner monologue full of Math confidence with the right

program is also needed. A program is great for finding new ways to approach complicated material while providing extra practice. A good program will teach learners at their current level regardless of grade.

Mathematics intervention program helps the child tackle the Math topics they’re struggling to understand. Some Math intervention programs are done at school, one-on-one, in small groups or as a part of the school day. But many of these programs at home can also be used.

Most programs include an assessment to determine the needs of the child. Personalized instruction and progress tracking are organized. Programs follow state standards while helping your child grasp basic facts and important Math concepts (Prodigy, 2021).

Cabatuan is one performing town in terms of school competition in Mathematics. Various competitions such as the Mathematics Trainers Association of the Philippines (MTAP), Stat Quiz, Mathematics Trainers Guild (MTG), Math Olympiad, and invitational interschool Math quiz are victorious champions for learners, teachers, and schools. Teachers are provided with various trainings and seminars in which the application of knowledge is strengthened. Such programs implemented at school greatly help not only in the academic status of Cabatuan but also the influence of the different programs, and the encouragement to other schools to develop and provide effective Mathematics program.

The specific program being implemented has series of achievements that make the program an outstanding success. It includes a clear description of the program's activities and goals, a brief history of the program, evidence of its effectiveness, and statements from participants about its impact.

Being part of the Mathematics educative community in the Department of Education, the researcher becomes mindful of the needs of the children that she is dealing with. The researcher considers how to provide ways to let learners learn in ways that are easy to understand, and share to other teachers’ insights on the effectiveness of teaching by utilizing the different remedial programs in Mathematics.

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