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· Volume III Issue IV

I may be deafeningly quiet about the candidate I want to win,

but I am quite loud about the reasons behind my preference.

I did some readings. I seek for records and historical information.

I support the candidate who has no history of bribery or corruption.


I read. I look for proof.

I support the candidate who have proof of what has been done.

I read. I look for good character. I am for the candidate who manifests humility, commitment and dedication.


I read. I'm looking for plans.

I support the candidate who has obvious, viable, and concrete solutions to the country's problems.

I support the candidate who exhibits the characteristics of a good follower of the State's laws and, as a result, will understand how to lead through the law of the land.


Let us simply pray and hope for the best for our country.

Ultimate conviction is in the hands of our new leaders.

That they may take the proper path or option.

To put our government in the best possible position.


We've lived through an era of unjust elections.

Register to vote and cast your ballot wisely!

It’s time to make a difference.

It’s time to act and show our concern to our beloved country.