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Irene C. Gumiran

· Volume I Issue IV

Pandemic outbreak is like intransigent

Revival begins with a prayer not being sub lieutenant.

An unstable used of bleaching agent and disinfectant

Yet regard the faith, love, prayers and pleas of your servant.

Every corner of the world is greatly saddened and unpleasant

Remembering God’s creation is powerful and extremely extravagant.

Oh! Let’s not forget the power of prayer’s extraordinary

Vengeance is not ours, bear another burden’s story

Even when everything seems to be going wrong

Relax instead of becoming paralyzed by worry.

Preparing our lives again to be classic
And overcoming this crisis posttraumatic
Nothing is impossible in this uncertain isolationistic

If we trust God in the face of the coronavirus pandemic,

Choose faith over fear, wisdom over worry, and prayer over panic.

Keywords: Prayer, wisdom, faith, motivation, Covid19, pandemic