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Felisa Salazar Maneclang

· Volume I Issue I

Conflict is viewed as a normal occurrence in the school setting .Some forms of conflict may enhance the school academic performance but there are also forms of conflict as observed that force a person (might be the principal and teacher) to leave his school because the conflict was unresolved and further creates a damaging effect to the school as a whole. The study was conducted to identify the cases of Conflict among Administrators and Teachers in the district of Calape and the conflict resolution strategy that the administrators use in handling and settling conflicts. The research was anchored in Newstrom’s Theory on conflict and conflict management. The piece of work was conducted during the SY 2017-2018 in Calape district with 19 elementary administrators and 4 high school administrators as the respondents regardless of their work experience and official designation. This research used the qualitative and quantitative forms of gathering data through a self –made questionnaire and it was backed up with interview for verification. The teacher versus administrator’s category emerged as the highest among the cases of conflict reported in the district on the year 2014-2017. This includes undesirable attitude, miscommunication and leadership styles as the sources of conflict. The levels of conflict that prevail are interpersonal and intergroup. Based on Newstrom causes of conflict organizational change and difficult task ranked the highest. Administrator’s in the district always employed confronting as the strategy in handling and managing conflict in the respective school assignment. Forcing ,another conflict strategy is the least being applied. Human relations in the school setting play a vital role in the realization of educational goal and task. Administrators must capitalize better human relations to the subordinate so that cooperation, understanding and unity is tangible in the school setting thus realization of the goal ,mission and vision of the school is possible.