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· Volume IV Issue I


The school principal plays a vital role in every school undertaking. The progress of the school in terms of students’ achievement, teachers’ developments, physical improvement and stakeholders support is always accounted to the management and administrations of the school leaders. The varied roles of the school principals and their functions signify how they inflect significant school improvement.

This study described the school improvement effected by the secondary school principals in the Division of Batangas on principal’s extent of support to teachers towards academic and non-academic student performance, instructional competence, community involvement and managerial capabilities. Moreover, the assessments of both secondary school principals and teachers were sought to find out the significant difference on the different areas enumerated in the study.

The descriptive method of research was used in the study with the questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument. The respondents of this study were the secondary school principals and the secondary school teachers. This study utilized the weighted mean and t-test for the significant difference on the respondents’ assessment.

The result of this study revealed that there is a significant difference between the responses of the school principals and the teachers on academic support and non-academic support to teachers for student’s performance, expertise on content, curriculum Implementation, technical assistance mechanism, community involvement and managerial capabilities. They also agreed that there is no significant difference on supervisory practices and research orientation among secondary school principals.

Based on the result, it is recommended that secondary school principals maximize quality coaching and mentoring to the teachers necessary for their development. Various activities should be done to enhance the talents and skills of the students. Parental engagement should be maximized to support the school activities, programs and projects. Finally, management project can be implemented for school improvement.

Keywords: Community involvement, Instructional competence, Management project, Managerial capabilities, School improvement, Students’ performance

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