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· Volume IV Issue IV

Context and Rationale

Blended learning is an innovative concept that embraces the advantages of both traditional teaching in the classroom and ICT supported learning including both offline learning and online learning.It also refers to a learning delivery that combines in person with any mix of online distance learning,modular distance learning and TV Radio-based instruction.Aside from this,It is a learning approach that combines instructor-led brick-and-mortar classroom training and online learning activities. It helps students to explore technology and use different tools or techniques for learning, for example, PowerPoint, Virtual classrooms, Video lectures, etc. It improves the quality of education and information assimilation while making teaching more efficient and productive.

The use of Blended learning in education helps pupils engage positively in all activities and increased behavior towards learning.Teachers, as necessary instruments for effective implementation of the said approach, the conduct of professional development is vital. In the country, DepEd proposed to use online learning, modular approach, radio-television methods, face-to-face, and para-teachers for blended learning. But the lack of facilities like gadgets or computer sets, and connectivity in the Philippines is a unique challenge to DepEd. The education sectors asked help from different government agencies and private individuals and organizations to support the proposals. This study suggests tapping experts to conduct studies Blended learning to help the education system in the new normal.

As stipulated in DepEd Order No. 012,s. 2020 entitled, The Adoption of the Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) for School Year 2020-2021 in Light of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ,”Dep Ed shall employ multiple learning delivery modalities {LDMs} to ensure the continued provision of learning opportunities to its learners, while protecting the health and safety of both its personnel and learners. This can be done through blended learning, distance learning and homeschooling.

This study focused on the experiences of teacherst in the Implementation of blended learning approach in the school. It also observed that there are challenges and difficulties encountered in blended learning- modular online and limited face to face learning. It is for this reason why the researcher became interested on the study about the experiences of the respondent in blended learning approach and the beneficial effects towards pupils’ achievement .. A suggested plan of activities to sustain parents’ synergy in all activities will be the output of this study.

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