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Tumpang, Janelle T., Allunar, Johanna Mae B., Bautista, Angielyn A.,

Castromero, Estephanie Claire M., Dela Vega, Kim Avegrace M.,

Rodriguez, Karen A.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Operations Management

· Volume V Issue III


Annona Essential Remedies is a concept originated with the creative transformation of Atis leaf, which is most renowned for its ability to relieve headache and muscle pain, into a product that is easily accessible. The main emphasis of the essential remedy brand is to help Filipinos reduce stress, headaches, and muscle aches. The target demography, customer preferences, and possible competitors are all determined by a thorough market analysis. This study is combined quantitative and qualitative methods or the Mixed Method. To determine the feasibility of the product the proponents conduct a survey using survey questionnaire with forty (40) participants included. The survey particularly covers the population or the target market which pertains to Balayan, Batangas. Based on the survey questionnaire 100% of the respondents are fond of using healing cream and healing oil also they prefer to using herbal products. Annona essential remedies offers healing cream, healing oil and 3 in 1 pen and are available of five calming scents, including Lavender, Mint, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom and Coffee. The Annona Healing Cream is packaged in a comfortable 50 ml plastic tube bottle that makes it simple to use that cost Php130.00. The Annona Healing Oil comes in colored bottles with a 5 ml capacity colors are determined by the scent that cost Php80.00. The three-in-one pen it is a personalized pen that can be used as a writing instrument, a phone stand, and a roller bottle for ingesting therapeutic oil when you are studying that cost Php58.00. Annona Essential Remedies utilize mark-up pricing, bundle pricing, competitive base pricing and promo pricing this strategy identifies the selling price through adding mark up to it after considering all expenses. The business has a high start-up cost, and yet it is capable of covering its costs in 3 years. The analysis of the importance, benefits and consumer preferences highlights the potential of Annona to be one of the products helps with the alleviation of stress, relieving headache and wound healing. The product is recommended for FDA product approval and providing delivery services in the future. The proponents found that “Annona Essential Remedies” is feasible as the different aspects of the study show positive outcomes and feedbacks, along with the financial aspect.