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· Volume III Issue IV


The study investigated the ancillary functions of elementary teachers in North District, Division of Tangub City during the school year 2017-2018. The research subjects were the elementary school teachers of North District, Division of Tangub City. This study utilized the qualitative research design to analyze the data that were gathered later. The research instrument used in this study was the interview guide. The study found that in assigning ancillary functions to elementary school teachers, the administrators considered the knowledge, skills, attitude, and dedication of the teachers. Teachers with ancillary functions find it difficult to manage their time. They were assigned to perform different tasks aside from teaching inside the classroom. In doing their ancillary functions, they would need extra time especially if the task is time-consuming. Some of the ancillary functions like Reading Teacher, Guidance Teacher, Learning Resource Manager, Journalism Adviser, School Librarian, School Nurse, Sports Coordinator, and Teacher Property Custodian should be performed by teachers since all their ancillary functions are about the learners. The other ancillary function can be performed by other personnel from the school who has knowledge of ICT especially the School ICT Coordinator.

Keywords: Ancillary Functions, Teacher’s Ancillary Functions

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