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Balayan East Central School

· Volume V Issue IV

It is my great joy to see children grow

To witness their development which gradually flow

That is because we the teachers show

A love and respect that we all know


Building the democracy is our first duty

Keeping the flame of knowledge is our responsibility

Teaching children is our greatest opportunity

So let’s grabbed it and joy will be felt endlessly


No one should enter in this profession

Without a deep, deep appreciation

Because teaching needs service and attention

In order to build a great generation


Teaching is the noblest of all human endeavors

Engineers, lawyers, and some of them are doctors

It is a great joy when we sense our fruit of labor

The most sacred duty given by our creator


Success of our pupils is our excellent satisfactions

Sometimes we serve as their inspirations

For yesterdays, today, and tomorrow’s education

I can really say we fulfill our ultimate vision and mission


We are a good producer, past interpreter

The present preserver and the future determiner

That is the essence of being a teacher

Dedication and service that will last forever.