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An Art of Making Perfection in Our Work

Aiverene E. Manansala

It is truly indeed that nobody is perfect but our Almighty God made us unique individuals with full of knowledge, capabilities and talents. But the question is: are we really using these blessings? Remember that everything we do, we say and we think we have to make it with our best of our abilities that would inspire people. Allow me to share an inspirational quote from Aristotle “pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” which really drives me not just to work and to earn money but to enjoy, love and to be committed on my chosen profession, as a teacher. I may not be perfect but I’m doing what is good and what makes me happy which brings perfection in my career. My heart rejoices every time I touched students’ life.


What makes my job perfect? Well, it’s not the personal achievement like being awarded an outstanding teacher, or attending international and national seminar and workshops, not even graduated MA degree and being promoted. My job as teacher makes perfect and meaningful, when every time I distinguished that my students become successful in life because of my encouragements. Like values integration in every topic that would help them to keep on going and to aim high. Sharing also words of God is the best way to inspire my students to become stronger and patient in many trials of life. Lastly to let them know that their teacher believe in their talents and capabilities. Gain their trust so students develop their confidence to bring out the best in them. Additionally if my students’ parents also appreciated and being grateful the way I nurtured their children. It really touches my heart!