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Afi Festival of Tuguegarao City

George B. Andal Jr.

Tuguegarao City, long before it has become the premiere city it is today, traces its history on a small pueblo founded by Dominican priest, Fr. Jacinto Pardo on May 9, 1604. It became the capital of Cagayan in 1841. Through the years, its economy shifted from agriculture to secondary and even tertiary economic activities. The shift was ushered by Tuguegarao’s role as the regional government center and business hub. Now 415 years later, that small pueblo that had turned into a melting pot of commerce and cultures once again celebrates on August 16 its historic foundation via the Afi Festival/ Palupagia na Afi.

But why the juxtaposition of pavvurulun and afi? Why combine fire with unity (afi and pavvurulun respectively)?

Research on cultural heritage and history of Tuguegarao City shares glimpses of how the Ibanag people and culture wove a tapestry of influence on the lives and on the celebration of life to every Tuguegaraoeῇos. Fire or afi has not only played a pivotal role in their rituals and traditions but also in their local folklores and unique unoni.