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· Volume II Issue III

This study was conducted to find out and assess the academic performance of athletes in the Secondary Schools of CARSIGMA (Carmona, Silang and General Mariano Alvarez Cavite) in relation to their academic status, sports achievements and concerns and how the result of the research can improve their performance in both academic and sports.

This study included 354 respondents, consisting of 237 Students Athletes, 101 Teachers and Coaches and 16 Administrators from the 10 public secondary schools in CARSIGMA, Division of Cavite. The researcher utilized purposive sampling.

From the analysis of data, the study found out that the general grades of the athletes mostly fell from 80-84 percent; only 3 athletes reached the Palarong Pambansa, and most of the rewards received by athletes were additional grades after winning each event. On issues and concerns encountered by athletes, it was reflected that they sometimes encountered challenges on permission and approval of excuses as indicated by the mean of 3.09, followed by the schedule of classes and training with a mean of 2.86, next is the result on failing grades in subject area as supported by the mean of 2.71 and lastly, the makeup intervention which obtained a mean of 2.77.

After the different measures were conducted, the researcher came up with the Intervention Scheme entitled “Academic and Athletic Intervention Program” composed of the objectives, strategies, persons involved, time frame, budget and output. The objectives stated the facts expected to exist if the said project would be implemented while the strategies tell the general procedure based on the memorandum set by the Department of Education (DepEd) to meet the objectives of the project. It also discussed the persons involved who will be needed for the implementation of the program. The time frame included the specific date for implementation of stages of the program. Lastly, the output included the expected results of the program.

The program made by the researcher was assessed by the Teachers/Coaches and School Administrators as highly suitable (HS), highly acceptable(HA), and highly feasible (HF). On the assessment of the Teachers/Coaches ans School Administrators, the study found out that there were no significant differences between the assessments made by the school administrators and teachers/coaches group of respondents as to Suitability, Acceptability and Feasibility.

The Academic and Athletic Intervention Program is highly recommended in this study for implementation by the Secondary Schools in CARSIGMA.