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Charlene Sebarrotin – Bernal, MBA

· Volume I Issue I

Academic performance is one of the most vital considerations among students in high school level. The academic performance can be illustrated by grade-weighted average (GWA). Despite living in the millennium area where education is accessible to all, there are still some differences in performance among the students. Several studies identified internal and external factors associated with academic performance. Stress is one of the factors that has negative effect on the mastery of the academic curriculum. It is a process by which we perceive and cope with environmental threats and challenges. A student can be stressed due to different reasons or stressors such as the academic, financial problem, health problem or loss of close family member or friend. Stress in academic situation can have both positive and negative consequences. Stress can inhibit and suppress learning, which is called ‘unfavorable stress’ and is associated with inhibition of students’ academic performance. The study aimed to determine the academic stress and coping mechanism among Senior High School Students of the Zambales National High School, Iba, Zambales during SY 2018-2019.The study used descriptive research design with questionnaire as the main instrument in gathering data from one hundred seventy one (171) total population from Grades 11 and 12 ABM students. The researcher found out that majority of the respondents are female, Grade 12 and relatively young in her teenage hood. The student-respondents perceived “slightly stressful” on family, personal and social relationship factors while “moderately stressful” on academic stress factor. Taking time to sleep and rest, followed by taking time to relax and keep a positive attitude registered as top three perceived academic stress coping mechanism. There is significant difference on the perception towards family and academic factors when grouped according to age and in social relationship when grouped according to grade level. There is no significant difference on the perception towards coping mechanism when grouped according to age, sex and grade level profile variables. There is high relationship between the academic stress and family, personal, academic stress and social relationship. There is no relationship between the level of academic stress and the academic performance. Based on findings the activities be given to students should properly studied and consider the psychological, physiological and emotional preparedness of the learner. Avoid overloading of activities. The guidance office should be receptive and accommodating to entertain problems of students relative to academic stress. The principal and academic supervisor should provide substitute teacher in case teacher will be absent. The parents are advised for not making pressure to their children towards high expectation and avoid quarrel in the family. The school should intensify bullying management approach to lessen bullying cases as source of academic stress.

Keywords: Academic Stress, Academic Performance, Anxiety, Zambales National High School