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“We, students, learned NOTHING in the new normal education.”


· Volume III Issue I

The COVID – 19 has shifted the mode of learning in our education system. It has been shifted from the normal face-to-face setup to the so called “new normal” which is through online and modular learning. During the pandemic, learning has become highly dependent on the use of technology and printed learning materials. A large number of schools in highly-developed areas are conducting online classes while in areas with limited connectivity, schools have used radio-based instruction and printed materials (self-learning modules). This sudden transition, from one medium to another, brought by the pandemic became a challenge not only to teachers and students but to the parents as well. Adapting to this “new normal” has not been a smooth process for everybody. Teachers, students, & parents are striving to adjust in the new system. However, after a year of battling the pandemic and making adjustments, some students find it hard to learn in the “new normal”. What do you think are the reasons behind it? Did students take part in their own learning? Who are responsible in the outcome of whether they learned or not?

Two weeks after the school year 2020-2021 ended, I saw students from other schools’ exchange thoughts and comments on a shared post in Facebook which enumerates all the topics in Grade 10-Math. I’m very much captivated on the post because I teach junior high school mathematics. May I quote some of the comments, “Umay, wala man lang akong natutunan” and “OMG, me too yay andaming topic ni formula wala akong maalala”. As a teacher in the new normal education (modular-print), I did my best to print all the necessary modules and delivered to my students. And I think all, if not all, most of the teachers as well did their best to provide quality education during this time of crisis. I felt so sad that these students learned NOTHING, as they said in the comment section. And so, I have come up with this reflection intended to the students, teachers, and parents. It is for us, teachers, students and parents to think of and reflect with.

To the students who believed that they learned NOTHING in the new normal education, make sure that you did your part as a student. It’s a heartbreaking to a teacher who did all that he/she can do to give you your learning modules. The endless days and nights they spent in printing modules, sorting, and delivering them to you is a challenging part. Though there is no explicit naming and identifying that you didn’t learned because of the teacher, it can be easily interpreted that it is caused by teacher’s irresponsibility which is definitely not. Always bear this in your mind, you are the most important person who are accountable for learning. Do you remember what Zig Ziglar said? He says that “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Reflect on that quotation from Zig Ziglar and think of yourself not learning anything from the entire year of modular learning.

To the parents who have sons and daughters studying in the new normal, did you checked the modules & outputs of your children regularly? Did you support your children morally, mentally and financially? This time of pandemic you have an enormous part in the realization of quality education because students do school tasks and learn at home. A significant role, indeed. So, what if you just let your children scan their modules and browse the internet alone? Can you guarantee that they are learning? Your assistance and guidance is very important now. You can consider it as your child-parent bonding. You can now then assure the learning of your child at the same time you will get to bond with your child. So, it’s a win-win situation. And remember this, a constant communication with your child’s teacher is very significant to make sure that your child gets the appropriate approach and best instruction.

To the teachers who did their best to provide quality education in the new normal, Great Job! To those who struggled like me, keep going! We, teachers are just doing our jobs in accordance with the mandated orders by the DepEd. Whether we like it or not, we are required to do all the tasks to provide quality education in the pandemic. Just remember to always keep in touch with the parents and students all the time because positive communication between parents and teachers helps improve academic performance of the students.

I think one of the primary reasons why some of the students learned nothing is some of the students are enrolled not because they want to learn and discover information, but because they don’t want to be left behind. They just comply the minimum requirement to pass the grade level they are in. But, what sadden me most is some of the students comply not even close to the minimum requirement of the subject. 

So, please! Don’t take it for granted. Though it’s in time of crisis, make the most of it! We all have difficulties in coping and adapting to this “new normal” in education system. So, let’s help one another and build a community that strives in the fulfilment of providing quality education. Thank you!