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· Volume IV Issue I

Lying in the cradle of Mother Earth is the Philippines.

Home to Filipino people and even to diverse genes.

The battle cry of the island awoke the slumbering beast,

Our nation tells us a story from the north, south, west, and east.


Years ago, the Philippines was set in discernable inconspicuousness,

Covered with hushed screams beyond the wilderness;

Floating from the mucky river of blood in war,

Shifting gaze from the physiques from afar.


Homeland was always hit by different catastrophes and super storms.

Either a heavy rain, destruction, or bullets of painless thorns.

Once Yolanda hit the nation, a storm that gave fear,

Its heavy rains made death crystal clear.


We were suppressed by devastation,

Yet, the Philippines stands strong as a nation.

No storm can kill the people’s desire,

None- not even a rambling fire.


Years of survival from misfortunes went through,

Then it’s time for the pandemic to come true.

Enduring COVID-19; killing one or two,

A million people from different nations have faced death too.


For two years, we lived out of fear.

Be cautious of the people we hold dear.

Facemasks, precautions, or protocols; become a trend,

Sirens of unrestricted life turned into a murmur at its end.


We’ve been through a lot of sweet victories,

Naught like a storm or pandemic would end the immeasurable stories.

We’re like a phoenix, burned into ashes but also rises.

We’re a nation that will thrive and survive from battle cries.


Philippines won’t fall or break; not with another Rizal’s shot,

Not even with the multiple pandemics that we’ve got.

No significant number of deaths would take us down,

We flourish the hardest as we set our blessed nation with the victor’s crown.